Why lighting is important in a home?


Lighting  is a necessity for a first hand beautification of your home. It’s kinda like if you have the wrong  shoe with your outfit and you feel its not quite right the whole time, same kind of  a thing with lighting. This is because it is the first thing you install before your house it fully set to become a home. . It allows for freedom of expression and creativity through eye-catching designer lighting fixtures.  It plays a great role in the illusion of space, which means that it can make the space look either bigger or smaller , wider or narrower depending on the place of the light and its type as well.


There are different types of lightning.  So with the help of the experts like the interior designs can help u out what kind of lights are u going to use.

1 The first lighting  is the Ambient

It’s a first layer of home lightning, it’s general lighting and the most basic one and the lighting that substitutes for natural light. Light kit on ceiling fans and chandeliers and other ceiling fixtures provide ambient lighting.


2. Second one  is Task lighting

It’s the light you need to perform tasks like reading, studying, cooking, applying makeup, etc. Examples are the Table lamps, Desk lamps, Swing arm lamps, Under counter lights.  

3. Third one is the Accent lighting

It’s highlights specific  objects like art, sculptures and bookcases. It can also be used to highlight a textured wall, or other architectural features.


So let your Interior designs bring light and energy to your home!