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Step 1: Know Your Buyer

Geography and price point matter in home staging. Is this a starter home in an urban area, or an expansive country home for an established buyer? Industrial and modern decorative touches are often cornerstones of selling urban homes. Effective home staging for the first time urban buyer will often combine these modern elements while highlighting […]

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Step 2: Make Your Exterior Pop

Step outside of the home and walk up to it as if you’re approaching it for the very first time. What do you see? Buyers begin to form an impression of the property long before they walk in the front door. Curb appeal counts! Remember that effective home staging begins the moment a buyer has […]

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Step 3: Repair Known Problems

No buyer wants to purchase someone else’s problems. Prospective buyers may not be able to afford a turn-key property at the price point they wish, but every buyer wants one. Show them what’s possible if they choose to buy your home. Allowing the buyer to see the property free from the “to-do” list may not […]

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Step 4: Empty and Organize Those Rooms

Having a closet that is neatly organized allows potential buyers to see it as spacious and accommodating. If necessary, move items from closets to storage so they don’t seem congested and make the space appear small. Whether clothing in a bedroom closet or towels in a linen cabinet, everything should be ready to view if […]

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Step 5: Clean Thoroughly

While many recommend hiring a cleaning service to scrub every inch of your home, this is something home buyers can do themselves if they attend to detail and are willing to put in the work. Floors should shine, carpets shampooed, shower glass and curtains cleaned, kitchens scrubbed, and bathrooms should sparkle. Say goodbye to handprints […]

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Step 6: Go Neutral

Your clients may love the drama of a red feature wall in their dining area, but you limit your pool of buyers when you showcase such personal tastes. Steer toward neutral colors and tones to appeal to the widest possible audience. Painting is an easy and inexpensive way to update and give your home maximum […]

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Step 7: Update Within Your Budget

Small improvements can make a big difference in making a home feel current. While some homeowners with large budgets will take on full-scale renovations to kitchens or bathrooms at a significant cost, there are many updates that almost everyone can afford and benefit from such as countertop replacements or paint. Even replacing an outdated lighting […]

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Step 8: Return Rooms to their Original Function

Home staging is all about presenting what buyers want. You may love that home office, scrapbook center, or yoga room, but if you can stage it as an additional bedroom, all the better. Your future buyer may not be a yoga enthusiast or someone who appreciates having the perfect scrapbook storing solutions, but they will […]

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Step 9: Make the Most of the Outdoors

If the property has outdoor space, be sure to showcase its best use. Whether a small balcony, a patch of grass, or a large expansive yard with a pool, highlight the ways in which potential buyers can use the space. Help buyers envision themselves enjoying the property. Place some rocking chairs on the porch, set […]

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Step 10: Well Placed Details

The primary complaint of many who view staged homes is that they feel sterile. Masterful home staging should make a house feel like a home, but be careful to balance it with neutrality so that it doesn’t feel like someone else’s home. It’s a delicate balance. Add details that aren’t personal, but create warmth. Elements […]

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