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Arch Shahi Sarkar , Chief Executive Officer

Shahi Sarkar is proud and honored to be recognized as a leader in the Interior Decorating and Design industry.
Since opening the doors of Sarkars Interior Decoration in 2011, He has been creating exceptional designs for the Clients.


Shahi’s story begins with being a Trainee Architect 20 years ago.  Having trained and worked with several Architect
and Interior Designers on Projects for Politicians and Royalties, He brings a unique breadth of knowledge
and experience to every project. He has a love of travel and finds continuous inspiration
in art, design and architecture from around the world.

Architects, in Shahi’s eyes, were contributors to society; they embodied the pinnacle of artistic and technical talent.
He knew that with a lot of work and little imagination he could make significant contributions to society.

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