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Date:  Jan 2016
Location: Westb, Dubai.
Category: Hospitality Restaurant.

This Project is a high end restaurant located in Bay Avenue, Business Bay, in the Emirates of Dubai. This Restaurant is famous for its International and Arabic line of food.  A very renowned Client from Jordan and the restaurant is designed as per his personal travel experiences around the world.


The Restaurant showcases some of the traditional aspects of the Traditional Arabic culture and comprises Delicate Gold Work in the Interiors, the Interiors complements the name of the Restaurant. Intricate use of Mosaic in the Décor and the Vibrant Colors with Hand Crafted Art is a site to look at.


The Project was for renovation, but to meet the specifics and ideas shared by the client we bought it to shell and core condition.


We proceeded with making the necessary Architectural and MEP drawings and the submission to the Relevant Authorities to get the necessary Approvals for Fit out.


After getting the necessary Work Permits, we progressed with the Site Execution.


The First step was to remove all the existing fixtures and installations done on the site. Removing all traces of the old restaurant including the removals of Wall Cladding, Lights, Floor Tiles etc.


We started with bringing the Floor area in one level, for this we did the screeding and also laid the concealed cabling required for the Electrical Installations.


Along with the Flooring, we proceeded with the Gypsum Partition to make necessary partitions for the Restaurant i.e., The Dining Area, Kitchen, Washrooms.


Meanwhile, the Dry Wall Cladding is also installed. Keeping in mind that no Modifications are to be done directly on the Block Wall of the premises, the Cladding is done on the Walls, to install the concealed cabling and apply the paint of choice.


After the screeding is done and the surface is dry and equal in level, we proceeded with the Laying of Tiles, The flooring for the Restaurant was Creamy white except the main entrance pathway, which has engraved gold and white mosaic tiles.


After the completion of Gypsum Partition and Dry Wall Cladding, sanding and taping are done to prep the Walls for Paint, going well with the theme the paint for the restaurant was cream, going well with the theme the paint for the restaurant was creamy white, which will later enhance the art Installations.

All the walls in the Dining area are decorated with Mashrabiyas which were specifically hand crafted for the restaurant, the Outer structure made with Metal and coated with Gold, back lite to emit light and the marble made mosaic tiles to give the window effect.


One specific wall in the dining area has a portrait, it was made with several pieces of mosaic which were placed together in a jig saw puzzle to reflect the portrait of a lady.

It is surrounded by two Full Height Wall Mounted Fountain made up of Black Marble stone.


Another point of attraction for the Restaurant is the Memoire wall, It is decorated with the Ceramic Plates collected by the Owner from the Countries he has visited.


Meanwhile, AC ducts were being placed in the ceiling as per the required positioning. After the ducting and the Fire Fighting Work was completed, the ceiling was closed with Fire rated Gypsum boards, and the AC grills were installed.

The ceiling over the main entrance pathway has real gold embedded in it reflecting the richness of the design. The ceiling lights are designed keeping in mind the Traditional Arabic theme.

Another highlighting point of the Restaurant was the Washrooms, as they were made with complete Mother of Pearl Mosaic.


With this the Fit out scope was complete, and we proceeded with the Joinery & Furniture for the Store. We had revamped the old furniture, such as the existing sofa, Tables, and chairs. Changed the fabric colors as per the theme.

Installed a new Juice Bar, which again has Mashrabiya design with real gold plating.


Once the Installations are complete a thorough cleaning is done and the site is ready for the Authority Final Completion Inspections.

After the Inspections are approved, we receive the Completion Certificates from the Authorities. A complete set of the Approved Drawings and the Certificates along with the Keys to the Shop were handed over to the client for their move-in day.