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Decor Tips a Designer swears by

  1. Color Scheming.

To start a makeover from scratch, the basic step is creating a palette. The designer comes up with a basic color scheme, and then from room to room.

Color scheming plays an important role in designing as it will give you a picture as to how the interior will be like!! Will it be colorful and lively or simple and sophisticated.

  1. House Plants.

To make the interiors more lively and close to nature, the designers suggest the use of plants. Not just for decorative purposes but they help detoxify the air around you and to de-stress the environment.

  1. Center Pieces.

Put the investment pieces front and center. If you truly love something, you’ll want to put it on display. “Use and enjoy your antiques and unique finds, especially in a utilitarian room like the Bathroom”.


  1. Mix Old and New.

Look everywhere. Seriously look everywhere.. Local antique shops, auctions, car boot sales, markets, and reclamation yards. Google is your best friend now a days, and don’t forget to search eBay. See through the dust. Some of the most glamorous pieces can come out of really grotty shops, or have been neglected for years.



  1. Create Height with Low Furniture.

Large mirrors in vertical position are adored by several designers as they add scale to the room. They like to keep the furniture low slung, so the rooms seems taller. The key to make the room appear tall and spacious “Create strong verticals and avoid the horizontals”


  1. Amplify the Textures.

Neutral Decor can be interesting too, you just need to include variety of material which can vary from linen, cotton, silk to taffeta and velvet. Not only that you can also add in the contrast of matte that absorbs light and lustrous that reflect it.


  1. Mix rather than match.

Matching can be so overrated and expensive at times, and it is off the trend now. Try and mix different shades and colors. Look online or check in the thrift shops for beautiful sets of antique china and silver flatware. You’ll save money and the place setting will feel more special to guests than brand – new ones.


  1. Play the field with Dining Room seating.

Dining room chairs might not be conventional, but they sure need to be cozy. You automatically feel more friendly if you are sharing a seat, it would quickly become corporate if you were looking at a room full of chairs. You wouldn’t have eight chairs in your living area.


  1. Dramatic Art.

Art does not have to compliment its surroundings, in fact its often most dramatic when there’s contrast. You don’t have to have big splashy pieces to make  an impact. It’s great way of using less expensive quirky pieces mixed in with more significant work.

  1. Light Fittings.

Lights and lamps themselves are an element of the overall design and when chosen to fit perfectly with the style of the room, they have the potential to give life to the space. Warm lights induce a feeling of calm and relaxation, but at the opposite end of the spectrum it can be used to provide a lively and invigorating effect.